1996 Nissan Gloria - JDM Car Breakdown

1996 Nissan Gloria - JDM Car Breakdown

A car that's about as unsuspecting as the Nissan Maxima that rides your taillights in the left lane. My Nissan Gloria is a build that was done in partnership with Driver Motorsports and is built to be a JDM, VIP entry level drift car with just enough power to learn the basics. 

But what it looks like now and what it started off with are two very different looking things...Take a look.

First Drift Event with the Nissan Gloria: https://youtu.be/NCFv3aAxXy0

Stock Y33 nissan gloria alexmartini


When I first heard about a Nissan Gloria as a drift car, it was after running into the guys at Driver Motorsport at SEMA in 2020. We had discussed different beginner drift cars like the 240SX, 350Z, and even a FC RX7, but for me I wanted to get something that was more affordable, a little bit weird, but still had the foundations of a mass produced car because...well drifting breaks stuff. 

After some back and forth we ended up with a Nissan Gloria. An automatic, RWD, weird differential looking thing that didn't really seem like it could do anything but look...bland.

But the car we found was clean, low miles, and the boys at Driver Motorsport knew what to do with it to make it special. Over the following months, we turned what would have been a boring JDM 4-door sedan into a sliding, rev happy, 4 door 240SX.

Watch the full series here.


In 2023, our goal is to slide this thing around, learn how to drift, and try our damnest not to break it at Shawano, Blackhawk, and more. BUT, if there's something YOU want to see, shoot me a dm or comment on Youtube and i'll be happy to give it a shot!

Vehicle Details

Year: 1996

Make: Nissan

Model: Gloria

Trim: Gran Turismo Ultima

Color: White Pearl

  1. Aftermarket Exterior Modification
    1. NA - Factory Aero Kit
  2. Aftermarket Interior Modification
    1. Custom Alcantara boot for Manual
  3. Aftermarket Suspension and Hub Components
    1. Wheels: Volk GT-C's, 19x9.5 +25 & 19x10.5 +25
    2. Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 225/40/R19
    3. Suspension: Custom Built Fortune Auto 510 Series
    4. S13 Front Suspension Swap
    5. S14 Rear Suspension Swap
  4. Engine Modifications
    1. Intake
    2. Vibrant Custom Exhaust
    3. CD009 Transmission Swap
    4. Kaaz 2-way Differential Swap
  5. Best thing I like about this car: This car is so fun to drive because it's exactly what I would want from a coupe JDM car, but with the comfort of a 4 door VIP car. To have a manual with a hydro, yet still have back seats is so freagging cool and I wouldn't want it any other way.
  6. Worst thing about the car: Slow :(


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