Alex Martinez Aka AlexMartini

 Alex Martinez (Alex.Martini__) is a dynamic automotive content creator, and alumni of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. He began content creation in 2016 and then appeared in a company which sold aftermarket wheels, tires, and suspension. He is known for his Youtube content, business start-up skillset, and unique presentation style. 


    Alex's adaptability also includes his progression as a bespoke personality in the aftermarket automotive industry through his unique presentation style in automotive topics, car building, driving, and business acumen. Out of his own garage, he has paved the way for the everyday enthusiast to learn what's needed to have fun with unique cars. 


    Alex Martinez is known on Instagram as Alex.Martini__ and can be seen hosting appearances through a secondary channel known as Torque Motorsport as the North American Brand Ambassador. 


    In the last 4 months he has gained over 400,000 followers across his platforms, all while simplifying the automotive industry as a relatable person that just loves cars. As a enthusiast and content creator, Alex manages his own Youtube channel, where he builds and talks to his unique group of cars generating 5M views and 14M impressions.