2001 Honda S2000 - K Series Turbo Swap

2001 Honda S2000 - K Series Turbo Swap

A car that has no business being as fast as it is. This K-Series swap Honda S2000 is anything but pretty, but it's also anything but slow. Featuring a fully built K-Series turbocharged engine with over 480 horsepower; AlexMartini (me) has big plans for this car..

I’ve known about this car for over 7 years. In fact, I filmed this car for a montage video back when I was starting an old channel called “Automotive Millennial” in 2016. Since that time, this car went through some changes until it reached a garage and slowly started to cease operation. In July 2021 we picked this up and immediately took it to Road America to see what the high-compression natural aspirated 220 horsepower motor could do. Instead of it being awesome, it sucked and ended up breaking by the end of the day. So instead of limping it along, we partnered up with MAPerformance to breathe new life into this car and 10 months later, it’s back! Swapping out the high-compression k series with a hand-built KA24 K-Series turbocharged motor, this thing scoots.

Year: 2001

Make: Honda

Model: S2000

Color: OEM Silver

  1. Aftermarket Exterior Modification
    1. Nada
  2. Aftermarket Interior Modification
    1. Nada
  3. Aftermarket Suspension and Hub Components
    1. Wheels: Anovia Titans 18x8.5 & 18x9.5” +35
    2. Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 225/35/R18 & 245/40/R18
    3. Suspension: Custom Built Fortune Auto 510 Series
  4. Engine Modifications
    1. JDM K24A with new gaskets and seals, new oem timing chains, K-Tune tensioner, new OEM K20 oil pump to delete balance shafts. 
    2. Modified skunk2 intake manifold and custom billet TB adaptor for RWD. Modified serpentine belt tensioner. 
    3. Adapter for Clutch and Motor Mounts. 
    4. Installed a K to F-series comp clutch and modified adapter to be held on with more mounting points.
    5. Fuel system - ID 1050 injectors, Fuel Lab FPR, New Fuel Lines.  
    6. Turbo System - HKS SSQ BOV, Tial MVS wastegate, PTE 6262 T3 .83 A/R, Map Custom manifold, downpipe, Intercooler system and Air intake. Custom oil feed line and return line.  MAP custom oil and coolant overflow tank with custom lines
    7. Tuning - K-Pro V4 Custom tuned by Kyle Larkin.
    8. Cooling - Mishimoto Radiator and fans, custom cooling hoses and thermostat housing. reinstalled and modified k-pro water neck adapter to accept the heater core coolant lines 
    9. wiring - New ground cables, brand new starter and alternator cables, and new solenoid wiring.  
  5. Best thing I like about this car: The unsuspecting element of it. It’s a bit ugly but man, no one expects 480 horsepower from this thing. It sounds stock until the VTEC and turbo kick in and awayyyy we go.
  6. Worst thing about the car: The plastidip pieces that won’t come off.



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