How We Made The Touring Bag With Obsesss-Worldwide

How We Made The Touring Bag With Obsesss-Worldwide

The Touring Bag was our first bespoke, handmade drop for the new Youtube channel for Alex.Martini. To be honest, I was a bit nervous for the drop because of what it all entailed. The material would be Porsche Martini Livery themed with real automotive interior material, hand-stitching, and a bunch more. For me, that meant that the cost would be more than what most people would be used to. 

But we pushed on anyway because it's freaking dope. I worked with Luke & Ben from Obsess-Worldwide to put this vision to paper. Ben helped find the Porsche seat fabric and use the inspiration sent to him of the late 70s livery kits to piece the bag together.  

Some of the material details are:


Porsche Martini Racing Seat Fabric (twill weaved fabric/corduroy)

Dark Grey 12oz Waxed Canvas 

Black Cordura inner lining 


2/3 polyester, 1/3 cotton, heavy duty thread 


Thick 2 in Nylon webbing for handles, & 1.5 in for the shoulder strap. 


Stainless steel/polished d-rings $ shoulder strap clips. 

Black plastic strap adjustment tri-buckle. 

#10 nylon Coil zippers 



3 zipper pockets 

Shoulder strap included 


But once we had the bag completed, I still wanted to find a unique way to showcase it. Instead of doing a typical photoshoot in front of a car and blah blah blah, we decided to take it to the next level. Instead of showcasing the product with a certain lifestyle, what if we showed various lifestyles using the bag? We wanted to show that diversity in the community goes past just being a car enthusiast. We're surrounded by passionate people that have incredible hobbies, and this bags intention is to accomodate that passion; whether it be music, business, boxing, or skateboarding. For that reason, we worked with @Mario.Create to develop the visual style and launch of the Touring Bag. 

Watch the full launch video here

Music: @Alexsucks

Musician: @kielvest

Boxer: @theofficialdemetriusreed

Skateboarder: @xaxgxr

Business: @Alex.Martini__


We launched with 25 bags in total, with most going to close friends and family. I couldn't be more happy with this being the first drop and I cannot wait to work with more local creatives to continue to produce unique items for everyone in the scene! 


Alex Martinez, Alex.Martini__

Summary: Alex.Martini__ is a content creator located in Appleton, Wisconsin and focuses on educating, empowering, and sometimes confusing the automotive community on car-related topics and news. Initially starting his community with Fitment Industries, Alex Martinez, or Alex.Martini__ underneath his socials now focuses his time on automotive product information, bespoke handmade goods, and events. 

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